Doug Bugie, Democrat-Centrist for Congress Ohio District 7

Open Letter to Fellow Democrats

As we approach the Ohio District 7 primary election, given the controversy with some about Doug’s changing from the Republican to the Democratic Party, we thought this might add clarity, no matter what the future may bring.

We understand skepticism, but Doug wanted to make this crystal clear: “I am not a Republican plant or a spoiler. Quite the contrary, if I win the primary, I believe I will be a strong Democratic candidate, emphasizing the Center, and able to pull votes from moderate Republicans and Independents, even with Kucinich in the race, to beat what I call ‘Trump-Miller.’”

We believe Democrats will unify as never before behind the primary winner to defeat Trump, Moreno and Miller, and the substantial difference will be women from across the spectrum, who will never return to Trump and those who support him. Please take a look at the photo gallery, “Every picture tells a story,” further down this page.

Perhaps some of you watched the League of Women Voters Forum on Monday, February 26. Matt described Doug as “literally the elephant in the room.” We thought that was a good one and it comes with the territory. Doug said at the end, “I respect Matt’s hard work and dedication.” And he added he’s found meaningful and different ways to contribute to this district, region, and America.

Doug concludes, "I am investing a serious chunk of my retirement savings, have run full time since September and I am paying my own freight. I am standing up to Trump and MAGA with conviction, purpose, and sincerity and as a Democrat, made official March 19, with a Centrist platform and point of view. As I've done all my life, I'll build trust with friends, colleagues, peers and the public as a guy who can be depended on and who seeks to bring people together, lift them up, and get things done."

The video we call “Cutting the Trash Talk” was widely released and features Trump-Miller being pushed back into a garbage can. This should quell any doubts about Doug’s political allegiance!

The primary video on our campaign site refers to Doug running as a Democrat for Congress 30 years ago, his key issues and makes the case for beating Trump-Miller:

Please visit Doug’s website at This includes a list of politicians and leaders of both parties Doug has supported and admired for over 45 years, and especially those who went beyond party to accomplish great things. He has voted Republican once for president (George Bush II), and moving to the present Carter, Clinton, and Obama (two times each) and Biden.

Doug says, “There will be times to stand strong in the Democratic caucus, but there are very serious and many longstanding challenges which demand working across the aisle, e.g., Ukraine, Israel, gun violence, fentanyl, human trafficking, policing and the border.”

Doug’s departure from the Republican Party was motivated by several pivotal events:

- Trump's calling John McCain a “loser” in 2015 for being captured (McCain had stayed four more years in a hellhole than he had to).

- The January 6 invasion of the Capitol with Trump waiting 4+ hours to say anything and even then, weakly.

- The forced resignation of Congressman Anthony Gonzalez under death threats.

- The Cold Civil War that “stop the steal” has engendered.

Doug says, “I have never agreed 100% with Republicans because I want assault weapons stopped, red flag laws enforced, women’s rights made paramount and opening wide to legal immigration. I do believe that many moderates are with me and will vote for me in the general, should I get there. In fact, I am kryptonite to the Republicans now.”

Every picture tells a story:

Founded and chaired committee for the election of Justin Bibb, in collaboration with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Photo is from a fundraising event.

Bringing two giants from their respective parties together--former US Ambassador to Ireland Ed Crawford and the late Bill Denihan, former CLE Safety Director and head of ADAMHS, celebrating of culture and community through Bill's painting of the Irish Cultural Gardens for the Ambassador.

A commitment to change in gun violence going back almost 40 years: A cherished letter from Congressman Ed Feighan from 1986, recognizing Doug's early support for reducing gun violence and where he mentions Doug’s lifelong ambition to serve in Congress.

Serving as a board member of the Cleveland Police Foundation, a role that underscores Doug’s commitment to enhancing police-community relations and ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods.

With Brandon Chrostowski, founder of Edwin's Institute. Doug says, “I’d like to back this with a federal program—to rehabilitate and uplift lives, transcending political parties for the common good. I believe the same should be done with Values in Action as a board member and co-chair of fundraising events—whereby 200,000 students have been exposed to why kindness wins out over bullying and violence.”

A snippet of Doug’s future dream when a senior at Bay High School (senior yearbook): to run for Senate as a Democrat.

A “relic” from Bowling Green State with Doug leading the winning ticket for student government in 1974 (top left), the most diversified group of students elected in university history.

Thank you very much for all you do to help move our country forward,

Team Bugie