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January 17, 2024

Will Media Cover the Center in the Upcoming Elections?


January 3, 2023

Ohio Candidate for Congress Puts a Question to the Media: Will Media Cover the Center in the Upcoming Elections?

Doug Bugie is an Ohio businessman who has started recruitment businesses in America and over 40 countries and is a lifetime civic activist. He is running as a Democrat in Ohio District 7 in northeast Ohio and intends to unseat Max Miller, a Trump-endorsed Republican. 

Bugie is a Centrist, He says, “With all the news about gridlock, tribalism, and extremism, and solving our vast, seemingly intractable problems, I believe the Center can finally help America through. But this will take fair and equitable coverage by the media.

“There are far more Independent voters in Ohio than Republicans or Democrats combined. I am heartened by the thought that even in a conservative state like Ohio, women's reproductive rights were passed by voters. That's the Center being heard.”

Another centrist position supported by a majority of Americans is control of assault-style weapons. “Look at gun deaths – they were about 10,000 a year in the late 80's, and there are 50,000 per year now.

“We wring our hands and offer prayers for school killings, yet they continue, many times with weapons designed for war.

“The Center needs to be covered fairly and squarely, and it isn't,” Bugie says. “I know extremism sells, and covering the Center is 'vanilla,' but I believe the lack of coverage keeps most centrist-oriented people from entering the political arena because they believe it's a lost cause.”

Bugie’s centrist positions include a plan for immigration. “I believe we should close the southern border immediately. I understand the suffering this would cause, but the parties must finally work out a proper program before reopening it.

“At the same time, I fully support welcoming legal immigrants seeking America's 'Shining City on Hill' – in fact, I want to see hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants welcomed and put on a faster track as well.”

Bugie, who was previously a Republican, speaks as a former board member of Global Cleveland whose mission is to welcome immigrants. “Immigrants built America,” Bugie says.

“I proudly chaired a committee during the Republican Convention in Cleveland on promoting legal immigration. Bernie Moreno, a candidate for US Senate here, was on the committee too, being a Colombian immigrant who built an automotive empire and has done big things for America. I don't agree with him on all issues, but I certainly respect his contributions.”

Bugie is living proof that bipartisan action can get things done. He led a bipartisan group of leaders to convince a major British company to headquarter in Cleveland instead of Raleigh, N.C. The company hired 1,500 people here, and in fact, their leaders are becoming American citizens.

“The Center could rise and be heard if the media gave it more oxygen. My candidacy will provide impetus to refocus on the rise of the Center instead of the extremes.”